Preschool Programs

CASTLE's preschool program curriculum is designed to support children in all major areas of development.


Teachers plan and implement experiences designed to support the development of:

Children's cognitive skills

Social and emotional skills

Physical health 

Language and literacy 

Creative arts

Mathematics skills

Science skills

Social studies

Curriculum Framework

CASTLE teachers use the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) as a Curriculum Framework. Using this framework, teachers plan units of learning that are relevant to the students and families we serve. Teachers take into account child and family interests when deciding what topics the children will study.

Teacher Education & Training

Head Teachers are required to have higher education degrees, and Assistant Teachers have at least 12 credits in early childhood education. In addition to college level coursework, our teachers attend professional development in curriculum, disabilities, assessment, child development, health and safety, and many other related topics annually. Our teachers surpass the requirements set by the State of Connecticut. Last year, our preschool staff averaged over 37 hours of professional development!


Preschool Hours & Options

"I have told many people about the great programs at CASTLE and their loving support of our children. CASTLE makes it easier to be apart from them because I know they are safe and well cared for!" -CASTLE Parent

Full Day Preschool

Monday - Friday

6:30 am - 5:55 pm

Year-Round Program

Care on Colchester school snow days, holidays & vacation weeks included!

(Open to children 32 months - 4 years)

Preschool Enrichment

Summer Camp

Help prepare your child for Preschool and prevent summer regression at CASTLE!

​We offer a safe and developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum that supports children to:

Play independently with peers

Engage in activities for a short period of time

Choose activities that appeal to their interests

Express their needs and desires to an adult

Follow simple directions

Recognize emotions in peers and themselves

Follow the classroom schedule

Learn conflict resolution skills


Flexible 8 - Week Program

June 22nd - August 14th

8:30am - 12:00pm

2 Day, 3 Day & 5 Day Options Available

School Day Preschool

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

3-Day Options Available


Early Morning Care

(6:30 am - 9:00 am)

*CASTLE's School Day program follows the Colchester Public School Calendar regarding no school days, shortened days, vacation weeks and weather-related days, as set forth by the Colchester Board of Education.

School Readiness Funding

CASTLE partners with the Colchester Public Schools to provide a limited number of grant funded preschool slots through a School Readiness grant. Eligibility for these slots is income based. For more information on School Readiness eligibility, please contact Cindy Praisner, Early Childhood Coordinator at (860) 537 - 0717