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Our Mission

Colchester Alternative School-Age Total Learning Experience (CASTLE) embraces the diversity of children by providing a variety of experiences in a high quality, safe environment in which preschool and school-aged children can learn life skills and develop positive self-concepts. These experiences spark an enthusiasm for learning, exploring and creating.

Our Vision, Goals & Philosophy

CASTLE believes that high-quality preschool and school-age programs provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children while supporting the needs of the family. 
All of our programs are developmentally appropriate, meeting the needs of each individual child.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing experiences that will match a child's developing abilities, personality, learning style, strengths and interests, while at the same time challenging each child to explore new ideas. As educators and caregivers, we encourage children to develop positive self-concepts and respect diversity among their peers.

CASTLE promotes strong partnerships with families, schools and the community and is a proud member of the Collaborative for Colchester's Children (C3), the Colchester School Readiness Council and the Colchester Business Association.

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